Top 10 most romantic Valentines day flower arrangements

Gifting flowers for Valentine’s Day is like a tradition. It’s a way of pronouncing your love or showing gratitude for the friends and special people in your life.

Whether you’re buying for a traditionalist or a modernism, we found top 10 most romantic Valentine’s Day flowers for that special someone.

1. Giant rose heart

Giant rose heart

If you think someone is really special, they deserve to know it with a flower arrangement. Choose our heart of rose arrangement in red, pink and purple. It will stand out from other bouquets they’ve seen before and drive home the point that they mean so much to you. Our lovely roses are artfully arranged into a heart shape with message: “love you so much”.

2. Floral Hearts

Floral heart

You can never go wrong with heart-shaped Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. Surprise your loved one with these red, purple, pink roses arranged in a designer basket. Add breathtaking beauty to life by gifting these roses to the one near your heart. If you wish to appreciate your loved one for her/his grace and elegance, then she deserves these roses. Gratitude, happiness and appreciation, these roses shall speak for all. She/he is, ofcouse, an important part of your life as she brings sweetness and joy to your life which you must acknowledge. She will be more than happy to receive the flower basket. 

3. 100 pink rose arrangement

100 pink rose arrangement

With 100 pink roses, we can design this product flower delivery same day in Hanoi. Pink is the color of sweet and poetic love, is the color combination of white and red, so pink brings the enthusiasm of red and deep color of white.

The flower basket is not only unique because it means romantic love, the loyalty of 100 lovely roses but also by charming handmade basket. The basket is also designed in a way that embraces the elegance of flowers.

4. Premium red rose and white baby breath

Premium red rose and baby breath

When it comes to romance, the red rose is  King. And it comes to delivering romance in a big way, 35 red roses – the highest quality Vietnam grown long stemmed red roses and baby breath hand tied will say it all! Gift for wife, lover in the occasion of Valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary… 

5. 99 white and pink rose bouquet

99 rose bouquet

This bouquet offers 99 stems of pink and white roses, each one luscious and eye-popping. Let somebody special know that you love them with this fantastic bouquet, which is ready for display when it arrives. It is idea for a romantic celebration, including Valentines day, an anniversary or a birthday.   

6. 99 red rose and baby breath

99 red rose and baby breath bouquet

Red rose flower bouquet is decorated prominently with bright red roses combined with the babi like shimmering stars shine the witness of our love overcome the challenge, difficult. Bouquet expressing the meaning of love burning, forever lasting. Gift for wife, lover in the occasion of Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary…

7. 100 Red rose bouquet

100 red rose bouquet

This is what it’s all about: 100 red roses with black paper. As anyone who has been in love knows, 100 roses are integral a part of any love story as the first kiss. Send 100 rose arrangement to the love of your life today: it’s always the right thing to do.

8. Large rose heart bouquet

Large rose heart bouquet

Light pink heart surrounded by hot pink roses. This huge love shape extreme love arrangement is one that will blow her mind away!! With fresh Roses, you will definitely make a huge LOVE statement. (Available in Pink and Red arrangement). Make this valentine a new experience!!!

9. 365 red rose arrangement

365 rose arrangement

A truly stunning hand-tied arrangement of 365 long stem red roses for a loved one! 365 long stem red roses signify true love every day of the year. Let your love talk over this signature 365 red roses wrapped in a beautiful arrangement. The elegance and aroma will bring a smile to your loved one’s face and this bunch will exhibit the love and affection you have for them. So, order today and surprise them on this Valentine’s day.

10. Premium red rose and white phanaenopsis orchid arrangement

Amazing flower arrangement for Valentines day

Wow your love with premium long stemmed red roses and white moth orchids. A true illustration of beauty of love, most romantic flower arrangement for Valentine’s day.

Standing flower arrangements are traditional flower arrangements with a massive height. Instead of offering them by hand as gifts, or placing them on your desk or table, it is best to keep them standing on their own on the floor. For standing flower arrangements long-stemmed roses, phanaenopsis…etc. look great.

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What every man needs to know about sending Valentines day flowers?

Valentine’s Day is one holiday women can look forward to receiving a beautiful bouquet from their sweethearts. However, for many men, picking that perfect arrangement can be a daunting task. Here are some tips every man must know to select the most romantic Valentine’s Day flowers.

Romantic flower arrangement for Valentines day

What are the biggest mistakes men make when sending flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Unknowingly buying from a wire service. In doing so, you’re losing most of the value that goes into the flowers. Since this anonymous florist has no idea who you are and you have no idea who is crafting the bouquet for your loved one, there’s no incentive for the florist to use his or her best flowers. I recommend working with a real local florist.
Here are a few other mistakes when it comes to ordering and sending flowers for Valentines Day:

1. Waiting until the last minute.
2. Ordering the wrong floral arrangement for the current stage of your relationship.
3. Thinking your bouquet will be guaranteed delivery by a specific time.
4. Having your flowers delivered in a box.
5. Assuming a dozen red roses is the only option.
6. Telling the recipient to put bleach or other toxic products in the water to “make flowers last longer.”
7. Choosing flowers that are out of season.
8. Ignoring reviews of the florist you select.
9. Not putting enough thought to the note – the message enhances the emotion you want to invoke from a floral gift.

If a man is not sure what flowers to choose, how can he determine what his loved one would like?

You can never go wrong with the safe color tones – reds and pinks – and romantic flowers like roses and tulips. Another great option is to order our “Valentines day flower collection,” where you can tell the designer a little about your significant other and leave it up to the magic of his or her years of experience to make it perfect.

What types of flowers do women like that men might not know about?

The most popular arrangement is still a dozen red roses – but pink tulips are on the rise. One of the main reasons is that pink tulips present a romantic gesture, but offer a better value for the money as red roses usually get the largest Valentine’s Day price jump due to being the classic bouquet.

What else can men do to make their floral gifts special and personalized?

The best thing, that sometimes gets overlooked, is the card message. Be sure to make it as thoughtful as possible, since the feeling someone gets reading the note resonates to the entire flower-receiving experience.

Special flower arrangement for Valentines day

How can women deal with boyfriends/husbands who aren’t interested in sending flowers?

Start buying flowers for yourself. After a while, he’ll get the hint that you love flowers and know a simple solution to making you smile with his next “just because” gift.

What advice do you have for men who don’t think sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is important?

Men don’t always realize it, but a lot of women dream of their love lives being as romantic as movies like “The Notebook” and “The Fault in Our Stars.” A simple gesture of sending flowers – especially ones that are handcrafted and require no work to cut, search for a vase, etc. – will mean the world to the recipient. The emotions that floral arrangements bring out in someone are priceless, and your significant other will remember it forever (women keep track of the amount of times their sweethearts send them bouquets).

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Ordering Valentine’s Day flowers online from FloristHanoi

Valentine’s Day which will fall on Tuesday 14th February 2023 is one of the most romantic days of the year. Even if your partner or spouse tells you don’t worry about this special occasion, you should always have flowers delivered. Your choice in flowers and plants will determine just what a perfect Valentine you are.

Red rose heart for Valentines day

Fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day

As you search for the best Valentines Day flowers, you will notice that red roses are the most popular choice. A dozen red roses are considered to be the perfect declaration of love. When you send your Valentine roses, you can be sure that they will know just how special they are. Apart from roses, other red flowers are also a lovely option. Red carnations, tulips and mixed red bouquets are all popular choices for this occasion. If your relationship is still quite new, you might feel more comfortable sending pink flowers rather than a red bouquet. You can even send a mixed bouquet if you are concerned about coming on too strong.

Order Valentine’s Day flowers online

Our fabulous selection of flowers is available for same day flower delivery. We have something for everyone and shopping online for Valentines flowers is both simple and quick. All bouquets made by our professional florists hand tied and created with the utmost care. As you browse through our selection, you will notice that our romantic range includes flowers to suit everyone’s tastes as well as your budget. Of course, even if you choose a cheap Valentine’s Day bouquet, you can always be sure that it will look exquisite when it is delivered to the lucky recipient. You also get free chocs with the beautiful flowers and have the option of adding a personalised valentines day card.

Valentine’s Day flower delivery

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th each year. This means that it can fall on any day of the week. The good news is that our flower delivery service is available 7 days a week for your convenience. If you want to save even more money on your flowers, look for deals with free delivery. If you plan on having the valentines flower delivery made directly to the recipient, you might want to arrange for them to be sent on the day. If you wish to surprise your Valentine in person, you could always have the blooms delivered to you the day before so that you can make the delivery yourself.

Valentines day flower bouquet
Quality romantic blooms for Valentine’s Day

Whenever you send flower arrangements, no matter the occasion, quality is always one of the main concerns. Whether you schedule the delivery in advance or opt for a next day delivery, you can be sure that our expert florists will always invest plenty of time and effort in order to produce the most beautiful bouquets. Each flower is inspected to make sure that it lives up to our high standards before it can be included in the arrangement. Our customers receive only the very best when ordering Valentine’s Day flowers from FloristHanoi.

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Send Christmas flowers online to Hanoi

Flowers certainly aren’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Christmas. To provide colour and cheer, however Florist Hanoi team feels that flowers must be present everywhere! Christmas is a holiday when people celebrate and exchange gifts. It’s customary for people to buy or make gifts for one another this holiday season to express their affection for their family and friends. Sending Christmas flowers to loved ones and friends you can’t see in person is one tradition that is gaining popularity. No matter where you live, sending a bouquet of flowers to loved ones over the holidays is always a thoughtful and appreciated gesture.

Sending a Christmas hand bouquet this season is a great idea for a number of reasons, including to express gratitude. Sending someone who has done a lot for you Christmas flowers in the form of a rose bouquet is a great way to show your appreciation. Another is to just spread some happiness. A bouquet of fresh Christmas flowers is among the best ways to make someone smile. Sending flowers for Christmas can certainly brighten someone’s holiday season. Or do you have a relative who will be away from home over the holidays? Send them a bouquet so that when they have flowers delivered to their door over the holidays, especially when they’re not expecting it, they’ll know you’re thinking of them.

Beautiful Christmas flowers

At Florist Hanoi, our mission is to provide only the best quality flowers for our customers. So you can rest assured that the Christmas hand bouquet you’ll receive or send to your friends and family will be treated with the highest standard and care. And since it is Christmas, we have chosen a selection of beautiful Christmas flowers we believe your friends and family will adore. And they all have popular Christmas names as well!
Lily flowers

Order beautiful Christmas flowers for your loved ones today, just in time for Christmas! This is how you do it: Select a premium Christmas flower bouquet from our Christmas collection above and add it to your cart. Choose any add-ons for the extra sweet surprise. Check out and select a date or time of your choice. To take advantage of our same-day delivery, make sure to order before the cut-off time. Make your payment, and you’re done! Easy! Show your love and appreciation to your friends and family with a gorgeous premium Christmas bouquet now.

Same-Day Christmas flower delivery

With Florist Hanoi, getting your Christmas rose bouquet of flowers delivered is so easy! Order today before the cut-off time and get them delivered anywhere in Hanoi with our guaranteed same-day delivery. Gone are the days when you have to scramble to get last-minute Christmas flowers delivered on the same day. With just a few clicks of a button, you’re good to go! Order your premium Christmas flowers to make someone’s day jolly and bright!

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Love flower delivery to your special someone in Hanoi

Love and flowers go together perfectly and with FloristHanoi delivery service across Hanoi and other cities… you can treat your special someone to the most romantic bouquets whenever you want to share your affections from near or far away. Surprising someone with the most romantic love flowers is easy and we’re here to help you make love bloom anywhere and anytime you want your beloved to think of you with a warm smile.

Love flower bouquet for your special someone

What are the best flowers to make love bloom?

Sometimes love is about keeping things fresh and new and with a bouquet of well-chosen love flowers, it’s always possible to keep things spontaneous.
– Daisies
– Tulips
– Orchids
– Carnations
– Lilies

Probably the best-known love flowers of all are red roses. With their ability to communicate simple messages of new love or longer more enduring relationships, bouquets of 12, 24 or even as many as 99, 100, 365 red roses go a long way to say “I love you” to someone special. While red roses are an obvious go-to flower to communicate your romantic feelings for your beau, don’t be afraid to experiment with different coloured roses or other popular love flowers like:

How to arrange a romantic flower delivery today

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or you just want to make any day of the week romantic, our flower delivery service can deliver in as little as 24 hours in most destinations so you can always impress with the best flowers. If you want to surprise someone with an arrangement of love flowers today all you have to do is:

– Select the best bouquet to suit your special someone from our selection
– Choose the time and date to send the surprise
– Tell us where your delivery destination will be
– Send an optional extra note, card or add-on, like a box of chocolates, birthday cake, teddy bear to make your delivery really stand out
– Once your order is confirmed we’ll take care of the rest.

Sending smiles with flowers

Why to trust FloristHanoi with your romantic delivery?

We can deliver quickly and effectively to over 63 cities in Vietnam with our national flower delivery service. We work with expert local florists in Vietnam and prepare bouquets ourselves from our facilities dotted across Hanoi, Saigon, Danang, Hai Phong…, to ensure the freshest and best quality flower arrangements can be enjoyed anywhere. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering beautiful messages of love in the form of flowers and we know how important sending smiles can be.

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3 Best Christmas flower arrangements Hanoi

The festive season is the perfect time to remind someone special how much you care about them, whether it’s your best friend, partner or parent. With Florist Hanoi festive flower arrangements of festive poinsettia, christmas roses, mini christmas tree, or plants, you can spend less time worrying about what to buy and spend more time enjoying Christmas with those you love. Let us help you find the best Christmas flower arrangements! From poinsettias to holy wreaths, there’s something for everyone on our website. Plus, all our festive flowers come with free Christmas card as part of our delivery service!

Christmas Flower Bouquets

Give your loved ones a Christmas they’ll never forget. Choose from our great range of Christmas flower bouquets, ranging from simple arrangements that are simply elegant to more extravagant creations that will thrill even Santa! Send Christmas flowers online today and be part of their special day. It doesn’t matter if you live in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh…, with Florist Hanoi you can enjoy beautiful flowers in every corner of Vietnam during Christmas time.

With so many colours, shapes and sizes of flowers to choose from, it can be hard to know what will look good together in a bouquet. If you’re looking for Christmas flower arrangements that are both cheap and cheerful, it’s time to start thinking outside of traditional white flowers. Try mixing bright red poinsettias with classic red roses or adding bright ornaments like pine cones or decorative baubles to your bouquet for some extra texture. Don’t forget to add seasonal treats like rosemary sprigs, cinnamon sticks and decorative berries too! These can all be found at Florist Hanoi but if you want anything specific not on our list then please get in touch. We love making Christmas flower arrangements exactly how our customers want them!

Christmas Tree Ideas

We can’t think of anything more magical than Christmas trees. Christmas trees are available in an incredible range of shapes, colours and sizes, so whatever look you’re after, there’ll be something for you. Whether you want a real tree or an artificial one is up to you – it’s definitely worth trying out both (if only once!) and seeing which fits into your home best. While we’re on the subject of looks, don’t forget that they’re not just about what’s on top – decorations add another dimension and can really make a statement. Make sure your tree is in full bloom by using our handy infographic below for some great tips and advice!

Christmas flower hampers

There is nothing better than receiving a festive bouquet of Christmas flowers. Whether you choose traditional red and green or if you’re looking for something a little more modern (eample: flowers and cake are arranged in a basket), we can make it happen. At Florist Hanoi we pride ourselves on our Christmas flower hampers and we want to help you create memories that will last all year round. Order your Christmas flower delivery today and get them delivered at your door.

When the festive season comes around, there is no better way to brighten your home or that of a loved one than with a bouquet of fresh Christmas flowers. Our bright and beautiful bouquets make the best Christmas gifts.

You can also choose to send Christmas flowers plants along with other festive treats. Beautiful red roses and hipericum go together perfect to create Christmas arrangements that are sure to impress the recipient. Just take a look at our fabulous collection of Christmas hampers and potted plants before you visit the checkout. Why not treat a family or friend to a Christmas plant that can light up any room during the festive period. Order a plant or bouquet today.

From Florist Hanoi to put a smile on their face and let them know that you are thinking of them during this festive season. No matter what you choose to order, you can be certain that your elegant holiday gift will be delivered with care.

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Thank you flower delivery hanoi

When words alone are not enough…There’s no better way to say thank you than by sending flower bouquets or gift arrangement to a friend or family member, co-worker – it’s a simple and effective way to say how much you appreciate somebody and is sure to delight.


When should you send thank you flowers?

It really depends on the circumstances. If you feel like someone went out of their way to help you or support you, flowers are certainly a beautiful way to show your appreciation.

If someone has been kind to you, they deserve more than a simple ‘Thank You’ note.

There may be many reasons why you feel like thanking someone. Maybe a colleague stayed back with you in office to help you with an important report or your friend stepped in to drop your kids to school when you were busy. Or perhaps a kind relative helped you move house or your parents sent you a dream gift for your anniversary.

Often, acknowledging an act of kindness with gratitude makes you feel positive and fulfilled as well. So go ahead and order one of our distinctive flower arrangements to thank someone today!

Express your gratitude with flowers

Show your appreciation and express gratitude with a beautiful bouquet of thank you flowers delivered to their home. Let them know how much you appreciate their help, support or advice and send a bit of happiness to say thank you. Our blooms helps to communicate your feelings even if you’re lost for words and allow you to let them experience the joy and happiness that flowers bring.

At Florist Hanoi, you can order and send a scented thank you gift with free flower delivery seven days a week, anywhere in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Choose from a wide range of vibrant bouquets featuring some of the most popular thank you flowers – roses, lilies, freesia, gerbera, carnations… and thank you gifts as: fruit basket, hamper, chocolate, plants… Say thank you with flowers and gifts, your gesture will not go unnoticed.

Thank you flowers Hanoi

Thank you messages 

Say Thank you with a beautiful vibrant bouquet and add a few words that help to express your gratitude. Your flower delivery of thank you flowers will come with a free greeting card where you can include one of these messages:

Words can’t describe how thankful I am

Perfect is the word that comes to mind when I try to describe your gift. I don’t think I could have given myself anything better. Thanks for knowing me well.

I couldn’t find a card that expressed my gratitude the way I wanted. I need a card that gives you a big hug.

I don’t think I could find a more thoughtful, generous person

Thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to be kind. You have a great heart.
Show gratitude with thank you flowers

Don’t miss out on a chance for a beautiful gesture and arrange your flower delivery in just a few clicks online. Sending thank you flowers has never been this easy.

Funeral flower messages: what to write on funeral flower card

Sending funeral flowers to someone during a time of loss is a wonderful act of kindness. It shows you care and want to wish them well throughout such a difficult time. However, you will often be given the option to include a card and message with your funeral flowers. If you decide to include a card it can be stressful trying to find the correct words to say for funeral flower messages.

Take the time to consider your wording, as funeral flower messages have the power with only a few lines to raise someone’s spirits and show that they are not alone. A sense of understanding and support can be conveyed which will be greatly appreciated when they are struggling through a loss.

Sympathy and funeral flower message
Funeral flower message

These sympathy messages for flowers will be suitable for the card you wish to accompany the flowers you send or you can adapt so they are most suitable for your situation.

What to write on funeral flower card

Your flower message needn’t be too long or a literature master work. A few words of sympathy, acknowledging their loss and maybe offering comfort is all that is needed. Often the flowers you buy come with a small card that you can write your message on, and because of it’s size that doesn’t leave much room to write a lot. But a short and simple sentence or couple of lines is more than enough to express your condolences. Alternatively if you want to say more, and it’s absolutely fine to do so, you can buy your own card and send it with the flowers. As long as you speak from the heart and are sincere though then your message will be warmly received.

You can stick to these few simple tips when writing your own:

  • Keeping your message short and simple is the way to go if you’re struggling with what to say. As said above a short few words or sentences are enough to get your feelings across
  • If you can, and if you are going for a slightly longer message, share something personal about the deceased. Possibly an anecdote or memory of them. This personalisation of your card can
  • Be mindful of the beliefs of the deceased and their family. For example if they aren’t particularly religious then you should avoid a religious message in case they take offence to it or find it uncomfortable
If you are still a bit unsure or not confident of what to say in a funeral flower message then the examples below should give you an idea and hopefully some inspiration to write your own. Many of them are also perfect for a funeral wreath message if you are sending one as opposed to a regular bouquet of flowers.

Simple and traditional funeral flower messages

Funeral flower messages on card
Traditional message on funeral flower card

My thoughts go out to you.

Rest in Peace.

Thinking of you during this difficult time.

Forever missed.

Gone but never forgotten.

Always in our thoughts.

Forever in our hearts.

Goodnight and God bless.

All our hearts are filled with sorrow.

A simple wish that you were here.

Loved and remembered, forever.

In loving memory.

You will be sorely missed.

With our deepest and heartfelt condolences.

With hope that it helps you to know we care.

With warm and heartfelt sympathy.

With blessings, love and prayers.

We hope these flowers express what our words never will.

Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Please accept these flowers and hear the words we are not able to speak.

With love to you and your family.

May these flowers remind you of our loving thoughts and prayers.

Please know our loving thoughts embrace you.

May these flowers serve as an expression of my deepest condolences.

With my deepest sympathy.

Rest in peace and know that we will never forget you.

At a time such as this, words cannot express our feelings.

Especially for you at this difficult time.

Thinking of you at this time of sorrow.

Longer funeral flower Messages

Please know that we are thinking of you and your family during this time of sorrow.

Flowers and prayers go out for our dear grandmother and great-grandmother that left us too soon.
Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel about [name of deceased] death. We are here to support you in your grieving process. With sincere sympathy, may beauty live on in your memories and bring you peace

Our hearts are filled with sadness and tears but our memories are filled with smiles and laughter of the good times we shared over the years.

We don’t know how to ease your pain, but we hope that these flowers remind you of the beauty of life that your husband still wants you to see.

Wishing you peace and comfort. And wishing you the courage to face the days ahead. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

May these flowers in some small way express the sympathy and sadness we feel for you during this difficult time. With deepest sympathy.

May these flowers bring some comfort during this difficult time

Though words, however gentle, cannot take your loss away, still may these flowers sent in sympathy help comfort you today.

May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead

Religious Funeral Flower Messages

You are in our prayers

May God comfort with you in this time of sorrow

I hope you find strength in Gods love during this time of grief

May you rest in peace in God’s heaven

Wherever you are, God is.

Praying for you to have peace and strength at this time. You have my deepest sympathies.
In God’s arms may you gently rest.

Praying that Our Heavenly Father will comfort your heart and bring peace to your spirit during this difficult time.

In Gods arms may you gently rest.

Peace, prayers and blessings

At the end of the day, if you’re stuck for what to write on a funeral flower card, don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Try some of the messages above and remember that it doesn’t have to be a poetic masterpiece.

The important thing is you’ve shown that you care and at such an upsetting time, this is what matters most.

Sympathy and Funeral flower delivery Hanoi, Vietnam

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things you can go through. At such a difficult time, it is important to express your heartfelt sympathy and condolences by sending funeral flowers. Whether you’re attending burial or cremation ceremony, arranging funeral flower delivery in Hanoi is a thoughtful gesture. We understand the sentiments behind this special occasion and sensitivity of this type of flower delivery. Our utmost care and attention goes into crafting beautiful funeral tributes to pay your respect.

Funeral flower delivered Hanoi
Express your heartfelt sympathy and condolences by sending funeral flowers

We offer a convenient way to book delivery of flowers for funerals. Our range of memorial flowers has been designed to offer you traditional fresh cut flowers as floral tributes at prices you can afford. Whether you are looking for a loving funeral tribute for mum, dad, grandad, nan or other relatives, you will find a fitting design in our collection. In case you prefer to send flowers to express your sympathy, you can choose from our collection of funeral and sympathy flowers.

What are traditional funeral and sympathy flowers?

White funeral flower arrangement
White flower arrangement is a traditional funeral flowers

Funeral etiquette is pretty simple – instead of sending a funeral bouquet, funeral flower arrangements of different types are more appropriate. Using some classic funeral flowers like white roses and white lilies we created a collection of classic and affordable memorial flowers. Traditional funeral flowers include basket, arrangements, wreaths and sheaves. What is the best colour flower for funeral? White is customary funeral colour but it is often combined with other shades like pink, red or yellow.

How much shoud you spend on flowers for a funeral?

Flowers for a funeral do not need to be expensive. A funeral florist like Florist Hanoi offers flowers for funeral in a range of price categories to satisfy all requirements. How much you spend on funeral flowers is really a personal choice – if you had very close relationship with deceased or you’re related, you might want to purchase a more impressive arrangement or a wreath instead of a small funeral posy.

How long do funeral and sympathy flowers last? 

As most funeral flowers are arrangements, they tend to last one to two weeks, depending on where they are kept and how often they are watered. If you buy funeral flowers online in Hanoi, they will come supplied with enough water to keep them happy for a few days.

Funeral and sympathy flower delivery in Hanoi

Purple funeral flower arrangement
Order your funeral flower online and get it delivered to the place of funeral

Sending funeral flowers is a sensitive matter and we do not take it lightly. To ensure a successful delivery of your flowers for funeral, please check the place of the funeral, funeral director’s name and time of the funeral properly before you buy funeral flowers online. Delivery to funeral homes in Hanoi is free from Monday to Sunday. Order your funeral flower online and get it delivered to the place of funeral one day earlier. This way the tribute will be properly displayed in time for the funeral ceremony, along with your condolences card.

How to express your love through flowers

Express your feeling to someone is hard, especially when you feel like her/ him. If you want to express your love to someone, you can express it by gifting flowers. An expert florist can help you choose the flowers to express your love to someone because every flower symbolizes different meaning so it’s better to pick the right flower, so you won’t be sending the wrong message to him or her.
Express your love through flowers
Express your love to someone by gifting flowers

The following are popular flowers to express your love and feeling to someone.

Lilies: it symbolizes the pure and innocent character and is a show of your respect to her as a woman and an individual. Nothing can really quite beat such a powerful and uplifting message to a loved one. It’s the best choice to profess to someone you love that you have a pure heart and good intentions to him or her.

Roses: this is the most common and most liked of all flowers since they are available every season. They come in different colors which signifies different meanings too. The most common colors to give is red since it symbolizes romance, love, and intense emotions. But never give a yellow rose to someone you love because yellow rose signifies friendship.

Red rose heart shaped arrangement Hanoi
Heart shaped arrangement is a classic gift to express your love
Tulips symbolize first love. There is no better way to profess your love to someone for the first time than giving her a bouquet of tulips. It’s another way of saying “I love you” and that you are madly in love with her. Plus it has a sweet fragrance that will truly captivate the heart of your loved.

Peonies symbolize feelings of romance and prosperity. So if you want to send the message that you love and appreciate them, this should be the flower of your choice. It also signifies compassion. The plump layers of petal of the peonies give soothing and romantic energy and they are used to symbolize someone’s beauty and uniqueness.

Lisianthus flower symbolizes appreciation. This flower can be a great “Thank you” gift for someone who has helped you a lot and gave you something. Lisianthus’ are the ideal wedding flower (along with other beauties such as peonies and roses) and are often featured in centrepieces in wedding arrangements, as well as in bridal bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

Orchids: The flower symbolism associated with the orchid is love, beauty, refinement, many children, thoughtfulness and mature charm.

Sunflower: Not a lot of people know this sunflower make a great bouquet for proposals or even just professing your love to someone. Due to its sunny and bright color, it will surely make your beloved happier and more in love.

Sunflowers have symbolic meaning in love, luck, spiritually, and in dreams
If the above flowers and their romantic associations have allowed you to get excited about giving flower again, then we’re glad we’ve started you on the right tract. But sit tight, because now we’ll be showing you even more ways to take flower gifting to greater heights. The key is in the arrangement.

Ways to express your love through flowers

A bouquet of 99 rose is universally understood and can easily convey your intentions, but for the amount bouquet costs, it probably pays to choose something that comes with an added touch of personalization and uniqueness. Bouquets are one of the easiest ways to give flowers, but if you want to stand out, there are simple ways to make the standard bouquet work for you.
99 red roses delivery Hanoi
99 red roses mean I will love you until the day I die.
Gift basket – this is perfect way to marry the two different ideal of practicality and beauty when it comes to gifting giving. While you put together a basket of food and items that you know your loved one will enjoy, you also get to satisfy your love for flora buy adding flowers as a nice decorative touch to the gift. Gourmet hampers are great example of such gift basket readily available at florist. If you want to take the personalization to another level, seal the deal by selecting the items that go into the basket yourself. Trust us, this touch of personalization in a specially curated gift basket will definitely not go unnoticed.

It has been a long-time tradition that flowers were used to express their love to someone. It brings a lot of message when you give it especially to someone you really love. So make sure you pick the right flower to express your deep emotions. An online florist can help you choose the best flower to express your feelings to someone. If you are on a tight budget but you don’t want to compromise the quality of the flowers, you can check flower delivery for a list of flowers you can choose from. It doesn’t really matter if you express it in a manner that will surely captivate the heart of your beloved and that you have good intentions.

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